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Our Stories

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Collection of Poetry by Diane D.

Lean On Me

Lean on me the familiar voice said
I’ll be there once again.
You know you can always count on me
I’ll always be your friend.

I’ve walked with you for many miles
And for over fifty years.
And I’ll walk with you for fifty more
I’ve seen your many tears.

I’ve watched you fall and rise again.
Your strength amazed me lots.
I’m never going to leave you.
Your always in my thoughts.

That voice has always said to me.
Rise up and face your fears.
Do it as you always have.
You’ve done it many years.

And then that voice it said to me
Shout your fears out loud.
There’s many that are scarred like you
You can walk them through their cloud.

I looked up to thank that soulful voice.
That walked me through my terror.
It was only then I realized.
I had been looking in the mirror.


God’s Miracle Gift

Why do you cry little one
God asked the little girl in bed
God you don’t know the dark things
That go on inside my head

I don’t know where death is
But it’s a place I want to go
I can’t live like this no more
Not with the things I know

I can’t tell you everything
You might not like me too
I can’t live in my skin no more
Take me home with you

But little one it’s not time yet
And I have plans for you
You are a work in progress
Your pains will soon be few

You will grow up and be beautiful
Just like the butterfly
You will come out of your cocoon
You will learn the reasons why

I chose you for this life of trials
Cause I knew you would be fine
To go out there and show the world
How to be sweet and kind

So you see I’ve had my master plan
And I needed a star like you
To teach the world some truths
That only you could do

So take my hand and walk with me
Your life is about to change
No more tears no more sorrow
God’s gift is no more pain


To My Disease of Overeating

You’ve held me captive forever
Ever since I was about ten.
You stole my body from me
I’ve hated me since then.

I grew up teased and hated
But I couldn’t stop you see.
You had a very firm grip on me
You wouldn’t set me free.

I’m here to tell you something
I’m taking my power back.
Food is not my enemy now
God freed me from your attack.

One day at a time
I will fight you every day.
And all my friends in recovery
Will help along the way.

We are an army of successes
We give each other hope.
We’ve come together to fight you
Today we’ve learned to cope.

So go away for good now
I am standing strong.
God is now my friend
I won’t be this size for long.


A Better Life
I’m content, excited, thankful,
peaceful, thriving and more.
A place I never thought I’d be
in my fifty years before.Loved by beautiful people,
My life enriched and full.
Wake me God if it’s a dream
The “reality” cord I’ll pull.

Why big guy, am I so blessed?
Why was it you picked me?
There’s heavy, sad & broken
But it me that you set free.

How can I ever thank you sir.
I don’t have much to give.
For all the wonderful reasons
You gave me to wanna live.

And whatever you gave to me
Please give to those I love.
To those that arent so lucky
And to those who went above.

I just want the rest to feel
The “privilege” inside of me.
If you can God, show them
The endless beauty I see.

Remember Me Mom?
You fought courageously
For my first breath,
For as an infant
I was lost and helpless…..
I needed you!You guided my first steps closely
Hoping I wouldn’t fall.
When no one else would come,
You came when I would call…..
I needed you!

You had so much to do mom
You were busy all the time.
I tried your patience daily
You never seemed to mind…
I needed you!

You watched me growing quickly
More rebellious throughout the years,
Yet when I cried out in anger,
You would help me with the tears…..
I needed you!

You didn’t turn your back on me
When I hurt you in every way,
You knew it was a passing phase
That I would realize some day…..
I needed you!

You taught me how to be mom
To go out on my own.
But I failed you again mom
I forgot what I’d been shown…
I needed you!

Even though I’m not a kid now
And we’re many miles apart,
What I really want you to know
Lies deep within my heart.
Remember me mom…..
I still need you!

Mental Illness
You’ve suffered in silence
Alone with your pain.
To speak out about it
Would bring you more shame.I’ve “failed as a human”
You said to yourself.
You would rather die
Than reach out for help.

You dont understand
How your mind flows.
You know you are different
And society knows.

Each day goes by
And you die more inside.
Not able to tell someone
The reason you cried.

But today it is different
You can begin to be free.
For there are many more
Like you and like me.

The world is beginning
To open their minds.
Psychiatric problems
Comes in all kinds.

We will heal together
We’ll stand tall and say.
Mental health is an illness
We will be ok.