What you will find at OA meetings is:

  • Acceptance of you as you are now, as you were, as you will be.
  • Understanding of the problems you now face — problems almost certainly shared by others in the group.
  • Communication that comes as the natural result of our mutual understanding.
  • Recovery from your illness.
  • Power to enter a new way of life through the practice of the Twelve-Step recovery program, the belief in a power greater than yourself, and the support and companionship of the group.

What you won’t find at OA meetings are:

  • Weigh-ins
  • Packaged meals
  • Dues
  • Fees
  • “Shoulds”, “Musts” or Judgment

If you decide that you are one of us, we welcome you with open arms.

Whatever your circumstances, we offer you the gift of acceptance. You are not alone anymore. Welcome to Overeaters Anonymous. Welcome home!

As of June 2020 the following meetings are starting their face to face meetings again
-Stoney Plain Thursday 2:00 pm – Contact  Janet 780-920-1610
-St. Albert, Monday 7:00 pm – Contact Diane, 587-974-0252
Prior to attending please contact the group, to learn what the attendance safeguards are.
LINK for Face-to-Face meeting locations

*** With all face to face meetings being suspended at this time, we have some Zoom meetings available***
Please contact the Host for each Zoom meeting to be invited to join. If you are new to OA, please join in on one of our Zoom meetings.
There will be members there to welcome you and answer any questions you may have.

***All Zoom Meetings are in Mountain Standard Time. Please try to enter room 15-20 minutes early if it’s your first Zoom Meeting***
Monday at 12:00pm, Contact Janice:
Monday and Thursdays 7:00pm, Contact: Anne.W:
Wednesday 5:30pm, Contact Elizabeth:
Saturday 8:00am, Contact Elizabeth: (OA Big Book Study Group)
Sunday at 7:00pm and Tuesday Noon, Contact Brandee:
Tuesday at 7:00pm, Friday- 7:00pm;  Saturday at 11:00am & 7:00pm, Contact Bev:

**NEW Zoom Meetings***

Slave Lake Wednesday 6:00pm Meeting, Contact: Carla

Wednesday 7:30, Big Book Meeting, Contact Brandee:

Lloydminster Tues 7pm Zoom Meeting Contact: Katie

Link to Meeting Format on site and Link to Modified Meeting Format for Zoom meetings.